Portable Air Cooler For Room Pricelist

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    Our History
    With 18 years of experience in the market, RTFANS has become an industry leader in evaporative cooling technology and also a solution provider in large space ventilation and cooling, with two main products evaporative air cooler and HVLS fan. Our brand 鈥?strong>RTFANS鈥?gains much reputation from professionals especially in factory and warehouse ventilation and cooling direction.
    Our Factory
    In 2003, RTFANS was established to pioneer the industry and develop one-stop customer service for Air Coolers.
    In 2010, Mr. Zheng, the founder of RTFANS, put forward the concept of "fans & coolers combination" and innovatively solved problems.
    From 2011 to 2015, we went out of Guangdong, took the lead in the industry to lay out the market, and made bold innovations in the service model.
    In 2016, the " RTFANS " brand was upgraded, and a new stage of brand, product and company development strategy was established.
    In 2017, RTFANS was shortlisted for the large documentary CCTV銆奊olden Horse Leaders銆媜f China Central Television and officially established an export department.
    In 2019, RTFANS headquarters settled in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Park, and further established the RTFANS Dongguan production base.
    Our Product
    HVLS Fans锛圛ndustrial ceiling fans, commercial ceiling fans, PMSM Fans锛? Evaporative air cooler, cooling pad, exhaust fan and various accessories of HVLS Fans and Air Coolers.
    Product Application
    Any large space with high ceiling鈥擨ndustrial applications like a factory, warehouse, distribution center, workshop, etc., commercial applications are airport, school, gym, stadium, church, prayer room, bus station, etc., an agricultural application like cattle farm, dairy farm, etc.
    Our Certificate
    ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015E, CE, CB, Patens
    Production Equipment
    Assembly line
    Production Market
    Products are sold all over the world, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Dubai, the United States, France, Spain, Australia and many other countries and regions.
    Our Service
    Response Immediately upon customer requests and inquiries, 24-hour after-sales service for customers.Portable Air Cooler For Room Pricelist
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